Fungal Rash On Face

Types of Facial Rashes:

Unsightly facial rashes are often the result of a fungus infection. These fungal rashes can go by several different names including face fungus, facial tinea, tinea barbae, tinae face, tinea faciei, fungal face infection or even facial ringworm. Dealing with a rash on face can be embarrassing and unsightly and it is ideal to avoid these infections completely. A facial fungus infection is often caused by keratinophilic fungi or dematophytes, both of which are limited to the glabrous skin found on the face.

While women can experience fungus infections anywhere on their faces, men are more prone to experience issues in warm, moist areas with facial hair zones being popular infection sites. In men, a fungus infection in the facial hair regions is often known as tinea barbae.

Another common facial rash is known as facial ringworm. With facial ringworm, the rash appears to form a circle and tends to be highly itchy and red in color.

Causes of Fungal Rash:

There is a common misconception that fungal rashes are caused by poor hygiene or sanitation. While these conditions can accelerate the growth of fungus, they do not cause it. Clean people practicing excellent hygiene can often suffer from a rash on face as well.

Even clean, healthy individuals have a certain amount of fungus and bacteria that live on their skin. However, a weakened immune system, illness or environmental issues can c